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Welcome and Namaste,
The Root comes from the root chakra muladhara. Located at the base of the spine it is the foundation of the physical body, bodily life energy, and our connection with the earth. When balanced we feel grounded, centered, secure and safe in our world. Humans are more than their bodies. Each is a complex balance of mental, physical, and spiritual aspects that are integrated into and directly affected by environmental and social factors. The causes of illness are far deeper rooted than merely their external symptoms. But we live in an age scientific specialization, and so each part of the body is viewed and treated as being separate from the rest.
The Root uses a supportive, educational approach that empowers you to feel centered and renewed. Our Treatments focus mainly on effectiveness, with a generous dose of luxury and relaxation while still addressing your specific needs. Experience the healing energy of Integrative Therapeutic Massage, Sekhem Heka Reiki (Egyptian Healing System), Chakra Energy Reflexology, and Thai Massage in the comfort of our proffessional facility.


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